Sarbat Khalsa 2015

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By Anju Kaur | February 09, 2016
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0:0MC:    Call out names of supporters in the gathering. Clearing the stage.  Thanking those bringing langar. The government is preventing a large sangat at the Majithia area from travelling to the Sarbat Khalsa. We are requesting them to release those busses and let the people come for this peaceful gathering. Also requesting the people who are gathered to maintain the peace. We also request the government to not break the peace and let all the people who are travelling here by busses to let them come.

6:13Jaskaran Singh, MC:    This is a gathering of the Sikh Kaum (nation). We have to show the world our discipline. The whole world is watching us. In the recent past, when the Guru Granth Sahib was stolen from Bargari (village in Fraidkot, Punjab) and baeadbi (sacrilege) was committed against the Guru and two Sikhs were martyred (during the protests), we have not received any justice so far. You blocked the bridges and roads in sit-in protests and spoke out in protest, still you never broke discipline. Therefore, you deserve to be congratulated…

8:16MC:    (Overcrowded) Please make room for the women to sit down… Please maintain respect and humility.

12:35MC:    Calling out names of live broadcast channels and websites covering the event. Introducing the raagi jathaa from Anand Kirtani Jathaa. Sham Singh of the Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee gives support to Sarbat Khalsa.

15:13Akhand Kirtani Jathaa:    Shabad – “Satgur tumray kaaj savaaray.” The entire Panth has gathered here. We will prove to the world that the Khalsa Panth (Sikh nation) has reached here with a lot of energy and devotion, with mult-colored turbans. We welcome them. Whatever the Panth decides, everyone should accept it.  The Guru Granth as sacrificed itself to bring you all together for this time.

20:21MC:    (Overcrowded) Reorganizing seating arrangements.  Some Sikhs have just been released from prisons and have arrived here. They are our treasure. Bring them to the stage.

21:33taadi jathaa:   (singing) The voice of the Panth will always resonate.