Sarbat Khalsa 2015

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By Anju Kaur | February 22, 2016
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The following is an English transcription of the proceedings of Sarbat Khalsa 2015. It contains general ideas of repetitive content, summaries of relevant content and paraphrases of significant content. In this clip, speakers place current issues in context of Sikh history, announce names of attendees form around the world and give another account of government officials preventing people from travelling to the Sarbat Khalsa.

0:0Taadi Jatha:    Finishing kirtan.

2:00MC:    Announcing next speaker.

2:25Makhan Singh Musafir:    Singing praises of Sikh accomplishment in history. Referring to the pathaans (people of Afghanistan) who were afraid of the Sikh warrior, Hari Singh Nalwa. If you want to see a saint-warrior, look up to Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Few men die like men, now we see all the evil people sitting in the chairs of power. The entire Sikh Panth has gathered here as the Sarbat Khalsa. What happened in Kotkapura yesterday, we will talk about that.

In 1984, the non-Sikh governments (Punjab and India) committed baeadbi (sacrilege) of our gurdwaras. And in Kotkapura, rulers who look like Sikhs and wear turbans and beards hit with sticks the Sikhs who were reading their Baani (prayers). Singing: That was a black day, on June 1, at the tower of Jawahar Singh (burj Jawahar Singh wala). They took away the Guru’s saroop. The wicked police remained asleep and hit the Sikhs with shoes. The government forces fired guns at thousands of Sikhs who were just reading Baani. They grabbed our beards, which insulted our souls. They must have been born to some wicked woman. When people were sleeping, the dogs attacked and threw away the limbs (pages) of the Guru in the streets. They fired bullets at the Sikhs who were reading Baani.

The Sikhs protested and then announced their decision. We have to find the guilty ones. Where are they hiding? When they are found, we will stop our protests right away. 

Instead of catching the guilty ones, they (police/government) showered batons on our heads, relentlessly. The government fired bullets on the Sikhs reading Baani. The ruler came (Badal government). What they rained on our leaders was dirty pond-water. But the Sikhs were just reading the Guru’s Baani. What these cruel people did is very hard to swallow. The government fired bullets on the Sikhs reading Baani. The young men, Gurjeet Singh and Krishan Singh (killed by police), made great sacrifices. The entire kaum prayed for them. The government fired bullets on Sikhs reading Baani. Today, these leaders have repeated the Jallianwala Baag massacre in Kotkapura with gusto. They completed what General Dwyer could not complete. They fired bullet after bullet by orders of this deaf government. These traitors played a bloody Holi. The government fired bullets on Sikhs reading Baani.

10:42MC:     Please find space and sit down. Call out to people in gathering from Hong Kong, Canada, U.S., and Italy. Sukhmander Singh Hansra, Manbeer Singh and Harpreet Singh, Canada; Surjeet Singh Talar and Resham Singh, USA; Baljinder Singh, Italy; Isher Singh from United Sikhs. Names of editors of magazines.

17:00 - Tarsem Singh, Moranwale, taadi:    Praising the Sarbat Khalsa gathering and organizers. Guru Gobind Singh gave us Amrit and taught us to walk on the edge of a sharp sword. And, if we have to show our peaceful nature, we have been taught by Guru Gobind Singh to be ready to be cut into pieces. Gurjeet Singh of Sarawan and Krishan Bhagwan Singh (of Niamianwala)are proof of that peaceful sacrifice. If we have to fight, we know how to cut off the head of the enemy.  Even if the uncle of Nadir (Shah) comes to invade India, this Khalsa has beens created to stop these invaders. If someone attacks the Panth, we have the fist to hit in their jaws. This Panth has remained alive, it will remain alive in the future. The Panth is harder than a rock and more delicate than a flower. 

Today, the saints, the soldiers, the devotees, the strong ones, and the preachers are together on one platform to tell the present government flatly and bluntly: Do whatever you want, but these are the sons of Guru Gobind Singh, blessed by the Kalgidhar Father (Guru Gobind Singh). They are peaceful now, but they know how to be ready to sacrifice themselves.

Today, they are sleeping, but our Guru Granth Sahib has sacrificed itself ang by ang and awakened the Kaum. Singing: We will live proudly and not be afraid of anyone. Praising Satwant Singh and Beant Singh who assassinated Indira Gandhi, and Jinda and Sukha (who assassinated Gen. Arun Vaidiya, the architect of the 1984 attack on Darbaar Sahib) and various other martyrs in recent history.  Calling out names of people that are in the gathering.

31:06MC:    Busloads of sangats that were coming from the Badal village to the Sarbat Khalsa have been arrested and imprisoned.  Calling out names of supporters from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal. Calling out to people participating in this gathering, with blessings of Guru Hargobind, to rise above their organizations and unite with complete dedication.