Sarbat Khalsa 2015

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By Anju Kaur | March 08, 2016
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In this clip, speakers continue to show support for the Sarbat Khalsa, and tell of incidents of Punjab Police preventing people from travelling to the gathering.

The following is an English transcription of the proceedings of Sarbat Khalsa 2015. It contains general ideas of repetitive content, summaries of relevant content and paraphrases of significant content.

0:0MC:    It is raining. It is raining the heavenly nectar. Calling Manmohan Singh from Baran to speak for one minute.

00:48 - Manmohan Singh from Baran (Rajasthan):    We have gathered here at the land where Baba Deep Singh fought even after his head was cut off. Once, in a gathering of all the different peoples, each group was asked to describe their bravery. Representative of Marathas said we fight to the death. The Sikhs said our fight starts with death! Today, we have to promise here that whatever decision is made, we all will support it. 

02:15 - MC:    Chief of the Damdami Taksal, Ajnala, Ram Singh ji, has come. We welcome him. I request Hari Singh of Randhawa to come to speak.

02:35 - Hari Singh of Randhawa:    To protect the honor of the Guru Granth Sahib, we can sacrifice ourselves and we can strike down the perpetrator. We will not tolerate insult of our Guru. The Sant Samaj (cult community) central committee has three members, including me and Lakhbir Singh and Seva Singh. We have 200 to 250 members. About 200 of them are with us now.

The organizers of this Sarbat Khalsa have organized this gathering to prove the unity of the Khalsa Panth. Mokam Singh, from the 1986 Sarbat Khalsa, is here today. This is the first time the Khalsa Panth has had such a large gathering. Whatever decisions are made, the Sant Samaj has always supportive of them and will continue to support them. One thing must be kept in mind, that the traditions started by Guru Gobind Singh are not violated.

5:30MC:    Announcing names of supporters and next speakers.

6:13Surinder Singh of Thikriwal:    Reshem Singh, chief of the Babar Khalsa in Germany;  Gurvinder Singh Babar of Barnala;  Kulvinder Singh Babian, and all the groups from Europe have given their support for the resolutions that will be passed by this Sarbat Khalsa.  I want to say on behalf of my group that no one should associate with anyone who has done baeadbi of Guru Granth Sahib, or their leaders.

7:08MC:    Ten busses have been stopped in Malout. The government has committed too many excesses. The police have become (Punjab Chief Minister Parkash) Badal’s seal. Twenty busses have been stopped in Fatehgarh Sahib, and also in Sangrur. And, in Tarn Taran, the SHO (station-house officer) is also stopping busses. Balwinder Singh brought one busload of women. But they were taken to Amritsar, and the Amritsar police high jacked that bus and took it to Pathankot. Announcing more names of attendees.

9:08Manbir Singh Mund:    (Poem) Invoking Guru Gobind Singh. We are being enslaved. We cannot forget the excesses done to us. We cannot belong to a country that puts cool waters on fire. We were sharing our lives with those who we though were our friends, but they became our enemies. They hug us from the front but stab us in the back. We cannot even speak. Nobody listens. This land of Punjab has cried itself senseless. I prostate before this bloodied oil press (land). Some burn the Guru’s body, some ridicule (the Guru). When I see the monkey kings (Badals), I feel like shouting. My self-esteem has been hurt and it makes me angry. My honor is dismayed. O God, what kind of fate have you given me? Why don’t you destroy this group of wild bulls (Badals). This cannot be the country of Sikhs where sacrilege is committed to the Guru’s Baani.

11:00MC:    Announcing next speaker.

11:35Jang Singh, representing Sikh prisoners:    Lakhvinder Singh, Shamsher Singh, and Gurmeet Singh are still in Burail Jail. The Guru has sacrificed angs to form this gathering and to win freedom for the Akal Takhat and the SGPC. This great gathering has proven that the Kaum (Sikh nation) has awakened.  I assure on behalf of Sikh prisoners that they will unconditionally obey the decisions of the Panth.  The Sikh prisoners and their families will support the decisions of the Panth. I also request other prisoners to express their support, and not to give their opinions to the agents of the governments.

13:05MC:    Announcing next speaker.

13:45Baljeet Singh Khalsa:    The way the Badal regime has placed blockades at every intersection and road, it reminds us of Indra Gandhi. But when the call from this Panth comes, then neither Indira Gandhi nor Parkash Chand Badal can stop the Sikhs. Some brothers think they can remove Badal, and they can solve all their problems. Some are under the illusion that if they remove the old jathedaars and place new jathedaars, they will solve their problems. As long as we are focused on individuals instead of principles, we will be led astray. 

The way the Badal regime has placed blockades at every intersection and road, it reminds us of Indra Gandhi. But when the call from this Panth comes, then neither Indira Gandhi nor Parkash Chand Badal can stop the Sikhs.

- Baljeet Singh

First there was (Shiromani Akali Dal President Jagdev) Talwandi who was considered bad. Then came (Akali Dal President Harchand) Longowal who was even worse. After him came (Punjab Chief Minister Surjit) Barnala who was even worse. We said Barnala was very bad, then came Badal who was even worse. 

This is why we should not focus on one person, we should focus on principles taught by our Guru. In Ardas, we say Raj Karayga Khalsa. This slogan was given to the Sikhs. Ratan Singh Bhangu wrote that Khalsa does not accept any ruler. They are their own rulers. Punjab is our birthplace. When Sikhs were only five percent, even then Punjab was considered the home of the Sikhs. That is why we have to keep that principle in mind.

Even if we change the jathedaars, until we are free, none of our institutions will be free. Therefore, if we want total freedom, the Kaum will have to struggle and get our freedom (human and civil rights) from India.

16:45MC:     Announcing next speaker.

17:34 - Kuldeep Singh of Dhalla:    When oppression becomes extreme then the people are awakened against it. The Sikh religion was founded under similar circumstances. And it ends with resistance. During the reign of (Mughal Emperor) Aurangzeb, Guru Teg Bahadur was martyred. Today, an extreme baeadbi of Guru Granth Sahib, the spirit of all ten Gurus, was committed. This has awakened the Kaum. Whatever decision is made at this Sarbat Khalsa, the whole sangat should accept it.

19:16MC:    Jaswinder Singh, who has resigned as member of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, has arrived. Paramjeet Singh Johl from the U.K. is here. Sukhwinder Singh Sidhu, who also resigned as SGPC member, is here.

20:05 - Ajit Singh of Lohgarh:     These rogue persons have committed baedbi of Guru Granth Sahib in many places. The anger this baeadbi has caused in the Kaum cannot be stopped by anyone in the world. Whenever happens, we all should unite in one voice.

21:20MC:    Announcing next speakers.

22:03 - Baksheesh Singh of Akhand Kirtani Jatha:     This baeadbi has been going on since 1978. The Akal Takhat and the SGPC have been mortgaged to the government. It is of utmost importance to remove them (leaders). For 400 years, the Sikhs have embraced martyrdom. The government is listening to this. If they do not remove them (jathedaars and SGPC) then the Sikhs will have to do like the Sikhs in the old times did - be ready for martyrdom for this cause. The Sikhs have been wronged, as in the rule of Parkash (Badal), like never before. Parkash, Sukhbir, Avtar, and Gurbachan – I am not adding Singh to their names – because they do not deserve to be called Singh. I appeal to all the jathaebandis (Sikh organizations) to overcome their egos and join this huge gathering of the Sikhs for this cause. This is the grand opportunity. If we do not use this opportunity, we may not get another. I appeal to the Sikhs of the world that it is extremely important to root out these evil people.

The Sikhs have been wronged, as in the rule of Parkash (Badal), like never before. Parkash, Sukhbir, Avtar, and Gurbachan – I am not adding Singh to their names – because they do not deserve to be called Singh.

- Baksheesh Singh

24:43MC:    More than 500 jathaebandis are here. It is not possible to name them all but we are trying to have their leaders recognized. A lot more people are coming, so please move the vehicles out of their way so they are not blocked.

26:22 - Pritam Kaur:   You have arrived out of great love (for Kaum). Guru Gobind Singh will bless you with successes. After today, the culprits of the Akali Dal and the SGPC will not remain in control, and nor will the jathedaars remain in their positions. This is the blessing you have received from Akalpurakh (God) for your dedication and exuberance.  Your gathering has rejected those who are full of ego and falsehood. You are successful at being leaders and role models of the Kaum. The resolutions that have been passed will be announced. And you shall go back home successful and happy.

The women – mothers and sisters – have contributed equally and should be recognized. I welcome people who have come from far off countries, who have come here because they feel the pain of the Kaum, and they have commitment to the Kaum. It is now time to start a principled movement.

The governments take advantage of our slogans and speeches (to call them seditious). We are not going to lose our way. We will leave here after giving the Kaum something useful and positive, and blessings from Satguru (God).

30:55MC:    Announcing next speaker.

31:10 - Balbir Singh Muchhal:   The Sarbat Khalsa has been called because those who are in the places of power, their conscience has died. The conscience of the SGPC has died.  And the leaders of the Punjab government have been sold out. They are saying do not go (to the Sarbat Khalsa).  But this Khalsa Kaum could not be stopped by the words of these traitors.

32:56MC:    Announcing names of people at Sarbat Khalsa, including from Damdami Taksal; Gurtej Singh of USA; Bhupinder Singh Cheema of USA.

33:28 - Harpal Singh of Baru Sahib:    The minority cannot survive without quality. We cannot survive unless we have quality (of life) and education. That is the reason we have opened 130 schools, colleges and universities to save the Kuam.