Sikh activists make the case against Kaes in California schools and beyond

Congressman Dalip Saund self-identified as a Hindu

Investigative, Historic, Education | August 30, 2015

In the ongoing process to include new Sikh content in California schools curriculum, Sikh activists have created their own definition of a Sikh, sending mixed messages about the Sikh identity and articles of faith, and pushing to label Congressman Dalip Saund, who cut off his Kaes shortly after arriving in the U.S. in 1920, as the most notable Sikh from California. The activists, including the Sikh Coalition and SALDEF, assert Kaes is an optional tenet of Sikhism, and include Kaes-less persons in their organizations. Saund’s own writings show he cherished Hinduism and self-identified as a Hindu. “The word "Sikh" used for Dalip Singh Saund should be replaced with "Punjabi," said Onkar Singh Bindra, who is leading the curriculum effort, shortly before publication.

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Justice Department Intervenes in Sikh Bullying Case

Education | May 29, 2013

The Department of Justice intervened for the first time in a bullying complaint from a Sikh youth, and reached a settlement with the school district in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, that would protect the middle school student for the next two years.


Lego Turban

Panthic, Education | April 29, 2013

The Lego toy company has a turban that fits on top of its mini-figures. Only one store sells it in the United States. And when they are sold out, they are gone.


1.3 Million Students Have Access to Sikh Studies in Schools

Education | January 06, 2013

Reporting from Bethesda, Maryland - At least 1.3 million grade-school students have access to Sikh studies in public schools.


Nearly Quarter Million Dollars Raised for Sikh Students

Panthic, Education, Community, Minority Report | October 08, 2012

With low overhead costs and a volunteer American staff, nearly all of the $242,000 raised last month by a Sikh education charity will go to needy Sikh students in the greater Punjab area, a spokesman said.


Revised Sikh Cultural Training for Law Enforcement

Politics, Education, Minority Report | September 23, 2012

Law enforcement will use a revised cultural-sensitivity training packet on Sikhs with modifications mostly to its print materials, an advocacy group said.


Sikh Books Gifted to Rutgers University

Panthic, Education, Community, Minority Report | July 12, 2012

Rutgers University received a collection of Sikh books for its libraries last month, a gift initiated by one of its Sikh students and donated by a Sikh advocacy group.


Sikhtoons Book Goes Digital

Panthic, Education, Community, Minority Report, People | February 08, 2012

Inspired by positive response from schoolteachers at a couple of large cartooning conferences to the paper version of 'My Headcovering is Downright Sikh,' author Vishavjit Singh recently released a digital version, which is free to view on any computer, tablet or smart phone.


Vegas PD's Custom Sikh Curriculum

Education, Minority Report | September 28, 2011

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department created and released this month a custom Sikh cultural awareness module in its training program for law enforcement.


Historical Collection Under the Hammer

Panthic, Education, Community | August 17, 2011

A highly important collection of documents and artifacts of the Sikh empire and the Punjab are going under the hammer on Thursday, August 18, at Mullock’s auction house in Ludlow, Shropshire, England.


Minimal Progress on Bullying Prevention in NYC Schools

Politics, Panthic, Education, Community, Minority Report | July 22, 2011

On his way home from school, Sanjeet had stopped by a local deli to grab a bite to eat when some boys came from behind and pulled off his dastaar. New York City Councilman Daniel Dromm, who was a teacher at the time, saw the incident and tried unsuccessfully to stop the perpetrators.


The First Punjabi Public School

Panthic, Education, Community, Minority Report | July 12, 2011

Sikh children in Sacramento, California, will have an opportunity beginning this fall to attend the first Punjabi-language school in the United States.


Nirvikar Singh is Sikh Chair Holder at University of California, Santa Cruz

Panthic, Education, Community, People | December 02, 2010

Nearly 10 years after Hardit Singh Aurora donated money for the endowment of a Sikh chair, the University of California in Santa Cruz has appointed Nirvikar Singh, an economics professor at the same university, to the Sarabjit Singh Aurora Endowed Chair in Sikh and Punjabi Studies.


Incremental Progress in NYC Public Schools

Education | October 25, 2010

The lawsuit that began with a media blitz in June 2008 regarding the violent harassment of a Sikh student at a New York City public high-school, which resulted in significant amendments in September 2008 to bullying regulations, ended with modest concessions in March 2010 for Sikh kids at Richmond Hill High School and a modest settlement this month for the student’s family.

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