Sikh Human Development Foundation: Update

Amarjit Singh Sodhi | Bethesda, MD

“If you are born poor, it is not your fault. But if you die poor, despite the availability of SHDF scholarships, then it is your fault.”

Vaisakhi of the Sikhs: Remembrance, Restoration and Continuation

IJ Singh | New York, NY

When we talk of Vaisakhi, we miss a fundamental aspect of the occasion. We recognize the finality of the 1699 message, but hardly note any changes to our structural framework, mission or message over time.

This Cat's Nine Lives

IJ Singh | New York, NY

This nugget of old wives' tales hit home just weeks ago. I had ended up in a hospital emergency room on a really minor matter when...

Sainthood and the Sikh Faith

Gurtej Singh | Chandigarh, India

Recently, Sardar Mahinder Singh Khaira, a British scholar, asked me to clarify the Sikh position on sainthood. Would you say I gave him the right advice?

Choosing the Next Pope

Kanwal Prakash Singh | Indianapolis, IN

The Sikh Perspective: “On February 12, Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation. As a non-Roman Catholic, what qualities do I hope to see in the next Pontiff?”

Polish Appeals Court Upholds Excess Airport Security Checks for Sikhs

Shaminder Singh Puri | Warsaw, Poland

Sikhs passing through Poland's airports can still expect harassment at the hands of the border guards, an appeals court judge ruled this week.

Book Review: Confessions of an American Sikh

Neha Singh Gohil | San Carlos, CA

Gursant Singh’s “Confessions of an American Sikh” is a rip-roaring ride through modern Sikhi. It plunges through the disconnects between Sikhi as it is practiced and as it is preached; rises above the muddle between Punjabi culture and Sikh rehat; and breaks through the mysteries of the 3HO (Happy, Healthy, Holy) movement.

Book Review - Sikhs Today: Ideas and Opinions

Ravinder Singh Taneja | Columbus, OH

In the 30 essays of his most recent book, Dr. I. J. Singh returns to a theme that is at once familiar, modern and perennial: The journey as the destination.

Giani Mahinder Singh Leaves a Void

Harbans Lal | Arlington, TX

Sikhs were not accepting of the rushed Indian government-sponsored reconstruction of the Akal Takht designed to hide its destruction by government troops in June 1984. It was by his intervention that the original podium of Guru Hargobind also was saved from destruction. The Guru used to be seated on it to address the sangat.

Guru, the Word

IJ Singh | New York, NY

The word guru has now morphed into so many applications that it becomes confusing. Common usage equates the word with any expert. Gurus are now dime a dozen.

Book Review: The Casual Vacancy

Neha Singh Gohil | San Carlos, CA

The Jawandas are not the epitome of model Sikhs, and Rowling did not create these characters in an effort to educate the world about Sikhi. Instead, they are just another facet of life in a small British town.

The Revolutionary Guru Nanak

Seema Kaur Sidhu | San Jose, CA

It is through Guru sahib’s actions and thoughts that we see how revolutionary it is to be a Sikh. The world according to Sikh philosophy is real.

Guru Nanak's True Parkash - Vaisakh

Pal Singh Purewal | Alberta, Canada

The beginning of Vaisakhi celebrations by Guru Amar Das ji, and the selecting of this day for creation of the Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh ji was not coincidental - but because it was Guru Nanak ji’s birthday.

1984: Not a Novel by Orwell or Murakami

Vishavjit Singh |

Oct 31st marks the 28th anniversary of a chain of events that followed the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984.

1984 Pogroms Demonstration and Photo Exhibition

Harvinder Singh Phoolka | New Delhi, India

A picture speaks is worth a thousand words. With this in mind, we have come together for the ‘Forgotten Citizens of 1984’ initiative.

Lessons From A Dead White Guy

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Jacques Barzun died last week. He was 104 years old. The New York Times published a full-page obituary by Edward Rothstein that began by labeling him a distinguished historian, essayist and a cultural gadfly.

If Brar Had Been Assassinated

Gurtej Singh | Chandigarh, India

I do not wish death to Brar, although I know that such people are always a burden on Mother Earth. I would not lift a finger to kill him, even if I could, just as I would not lift my little finger to save him if that would.

Delhi of the Sikhs

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Though I grew up in India, I never lived in Delhi or Mumbai. When people asked about my impressions of them, my dismissive response was that Bombay was a plastic town – a celluloid reality like Las Vegas – while Delhi had a sense of history, much like my own hometown of New York.

Running Along

IJ Singh | New York, NY

I often compare the march of Sikhi to a marathon. Thousands enter the race. Some will complete the distance in record time while others will finish but never win a medal. Many more may never finish the race. Some runners will be gold medalists, for they look and live as Sikhs. But many will be limping across the finish line, for they are deficient in either their meeri or their peeri.

Lt. Murphy’s Message to the Sikh Community

Lt. Brian Murphy | Oak Creek, Wisconsin

To members of the Sikh community, thank you for your overwhelming show of support.

Silver Linings In Wisconsin Tragedy

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Tragic as the event was, I insist on mining it for some light and hope. Guru Granth Sahib speaks of "Dukh daru sukh roag bhaya, p. 469,” meaning that where a life of ease becomes an ailment, suffering and pain may be the panacea.

History Says... Or Does It?

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Bhai Gurdas, the noted Sikh savant who worked closely with Guru Arjan and was present at the time of the martyrdom, barely refers to it in his influential writings. Would this mean doubt about the martyrdom or its importance in Sikh history?

Interfaith Gatherings and Vigils

Kanwal Prakash Singh | Indianapolis, IN

Since the painful events that the Wisconsin gurdwara last month, there have been many moving, warm and friendly interfaith gatherings, prayer vigils, and thoughtful discussions about the Sikh faith, culture, and community at places of worship and civic venues.

The Sikh Education Fund

Sukhmander Singh | Santa Clara, CA

We need to go beyond the existing approaches of advocacy in order to achieve positions of influence and power. By so doing, Sikhs can bring about recognition for their community.

Beware the Trojan Horse

Sandeep Singh Brar | Toronto, Canada

While most non-Sikh visitors visiting gurdwaras will have come out of a genuine sense of curiosity to learn more about Sikhs and their religion, or to express sympathy and solidarity with Sikhs as we mourn, there will also be another type of visitor to our gurdwaras, one with an entirely different agenda.