Message from the Wisconsin Sangat

Wisconsin Sangat | Oak Creek, WI

The following is a message from the sangat of Wisconsin, and all the Sikh advocacy groups working there, to all Sikhs that participated in memorial services and vigils, delivered by Navdeep Singh of the Sikh Americal Legal Defense and Education Fund, at the Sikh Foundation of Virginia on Aug. 9.

Remarks at the Memorial Service for the Wisconsin Gurdwara Victims

Eric Holder | Washington, DC

But I am here – on behalf of the President of the United States, on behalf of my colleagues at the Department of Justice, and on behalf of all the American people – to stand with you, to mourn with

Only in America

Sandeep Singh Brar | Toronto, Canada

What I’ve seen and experienced in my time in the United States is that most Americans are pretty honest, decent, simple folks that are both friendly and courteous towards Sikhs.

Maryland Camp

Surinder Singh | Washington D.C.

The 17th Annual Sikh Youth Gurmat Camp held from July 28 to Aug. 4, 2012, was attended by 108 youth of ages 6 to 19 from all over the United States.

Doctor Brighton’s Pavilion

Sandeep Singh Brar | Toronto, Canada

What happens when you take wounded Sikh, Hindu and Muslim soldiers in World War I from the muddy trenches of France and put them in a former royal palace in England, converted into an Indian hospital? Find out in the new exhibit ‘Doctor Brighton’s Pavilion’.

ਵਰਜਿਨੀਆ ਕੈਂਪ

Surinder Singh | Washington D.C.

ਵਰਜਿਨੀਆ, ੮ ਜੁਲਾਈ - ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਦੀ ਅਪਾਰ ਕਿਰਪਾ ਦਾ ਸਦਕਾ ਅੱਜ ਸਿਖ ਫਾਊਂਨਡੇਸ਼ਨ ਅਵ ਵਰਜਿਨੀਆ ਦਾ ਸਾਲਾਨਾ ਸਿਖ ਯੂਥ ਗੁਰਮਤ ਕੈਂਪ ਸੰਪੰਨ ਹੋਇਆ।

Sarbat Khalsa and Gurmata: Its History and Relevance Today

IJ Singh | New York, NY

In the popular Sikh mind, the concepts of Sarbat Khalsa and Gurmata are inseparably intertwined, and with good reason. Together, they provide Sikhs with an enlightened instrument of management that depends on participatory self-governance, accountability and transparency in decision making.

Granthis and Gurdwaras

IJ Singh | New York, NY

A granthi at a gurdwara was caught in a vortex – a psychologically downward spiral of loneliness, depression, alcohol abuse and hopelessness – so severe that he recently committed suicide.


IJ Singh | New York, NY

I have heard of granthis at their job interview being told by gurdwara management committees that they should not preach or speak about the requirement of Kesh, long unshorn hair, as markers of Sikhi because in this modern society such matters have no relevance.

Shortcomings of The Anand Marriage (Amendment) Bill 2012

Gurtej Singh | Chandigarh, India

In a complete reversal of earlier intentions, the new amendment fails to emphasize the Sikh nature of the Anand Karaj ceremony that was so obvious in the Anand Marriage Act of 1909. The Sikh description is now obliterated from the entire act by the amendment.

Reprinting the Blueprints

Surinder Singh | Washington D.C.

After being involved with an effective and independent Punjabi school, an independently run gurmat camp, and also being part of youth and education activities at the local gurdwara sahib, I have collected a list of things that have been a proven success with children, youth and other members of sangat.

It's June Again

Gurmeet Kaur | Atlanta, GA

Body - a living corpse Army boots trample Mauled, dishonored, left to rot: It's June again...

May 1710: The Khalsa Flag Fluttered At the Citadel of the Mughal Empire

Devinder Singh Saggu | Chandigarh, India

After Banda Bahadur took Amrit, Guru Gobind Singh dispatched him, along with 25 Sikhs, to Punjab to uproot tyranny, oppression and injustice. Question arises? With no money, no arms, no shelter and no base to accomplish the mission set forth, how could a handful of Sikhs shatter the citadel of the mighty Mughal Empire?

Infinite Courage: Sikhs as Warriors

IJ Singh | New York, NY

If anyone knows anything at all about Sikhs it is their martial antecedents. It is usually the first and often the only topic that Sikhs and non-Sikhs touch upon when the subject is Sikhs or Sikhi.

Anarkali Kaur Wins UNESCO Prize

Pritpal Singh | England, UK

An Afghan women's rights campaigner was one of two winners of a United Nations award last year that recognizes her outstanding contributions for the promotion of tolerance and non-violence.

I Am Sick of Sikh Leaders

Harmeet Singh Matta | Gaithersburg, MD

Jaspal Singh, 18, was shot by Punjab Police on March 29. For what? For protesting peacefully. Such a tragic end to a human life pains me to the core.

What Should India Now Do With Rajoana?

IJ Singh | New York, NY

My suggestion: The government could quietly and tacitly, if not openly, support a campaign for the abolition of death penalty in India, with Punjab taking the lead.

Balwant Singh - Courage of Conviction

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Beant Singh's assassin, Balwant Singh Rajoana, is to be hanged on Saturday, rules the court. But the jail authorities are reluctant to do it.

SIKHI: The Global Vision That Was

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Sikhi, to me, is a message that is unique, universal, timeless, and a thinking person’s way of life. But today we seem to have reduced it to Sikhi by inheritance and limited to Punjabi culture, cuisine, music and ambience.


Surinder Singh | Washington D.C.

Alexander the great, also known as Sikandar, arrived at the Satluj River in India. The beautiful clear sky and the cool breeze made him lazy, and he decided to camp out at the banks of Satluj for few days. His army quickly began arranging tents and gathering wood to cook some food.

Talent: Arrogance and Modesty

IJ Singh | New York, NY

The pursuit of plumbing is not necessarily inferior to the pursuit of philosophy. If that were the case, a society would have neither good plumbers nor good philosophers. For such a society, neither its pipes nor its ideas will hold water.

The Incomparable Guru Gobind Singh

Ravinder Singh Taneja | Columbus, OH

In his autobiographical account, Bichitra Natak or "Wondrous Play," we learn that Guru Gobind Singh, whose 346th birthday we celebrate today, viewed his earthly sojourn as a duty to fulfill a divinely ordained purpose -- that of fulfilling the mission of Guru Nanak, who had established the Sikh religion a little more than two centuries earlier.

NIT NAYM: The Daily Grind?

IJ Singh | New York, NY

At a gathering of some young and not so young Sikhs, Ruchie Kaur, a bright young woman -- a doctoral candidate in education no less -- piped up: “Why does the Sikh Code of Conduct (Rehat Maryada) demand the daily grind of reading ad nauseum pages upon pages of gurbani?”

A Tale of Two Cities: Manhattan and Anandpur

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Many readers would look askance at my exploring parallels between the mega-polis that is Manhattan and the sleepy village of Anandpur. They might prefer the history, gold and glitter of Amritsar that has seized our imagination to fill that spot. But I am really caught up in the disparity between price and value.

My Sunday Lifestyle

Surinder Singh | Washington D.C.

People go to clubs and Sikhs go to gurdwara. When we go to gurdwara without any basic understanding, it is almost like going to a club where people just hang around, eat, laugh and play. That’s mostly what Sikhs are doing at gurdwaras these days.