Betwixt and Between Good and Evil

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Like clockwork every year, November occupies us with both or one of two realities: either the Gurpurab (birth anniversary) of Guru Nanak who was born in 1469 half a millennium ago, or the horrendous and ineptly attempted genocide of the Sikhs in India by mobs and hooligans of the Indian government.

Walking Away From Power

IJ Singh | New York, NY

What I find absolutely mind blowing is that, ignoring the claims of his own sons, when Guru Nanak handed the torch to his successor, Guru Angad, he also directed him to move his center some miles away to a different township. This makes it a very modern process of transfer of power and authority.

Disgracing Sikh Travelers in Polish Airports

Shaminder Singh Puri | Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland - A Sikh has taken the Polish Airport Security to court for disgracing Sikh travelers passing through Poland.


IJ Singh | New York, NY

Let’s cut to the chase via a hypothetical case: An amritdhari Sikh, holding a responsible office within the community’s gurduara, gets arrested for drunk-driving. The facts are clear and can’t be denied. The law will surely take its course.

The question for us: How should the local Sikh community respond?

Moving Forward From 9/11

Kanwal Prakash Singh | Indianapolis, IN

I had survived through the Partition of India 64 years ago, and we escaped with our lives on the morning of September 12 1947. The communal madness killed more than two million people and dislocated about 15 million on the Indian subcontinent. That was long ago, but the agonizing images of 9/11 are manifest before our minds eye as if it took place yesterday. The scars run deep and our emotions are painfully raw. We must move forward.

Healing, Hope and Humanity: Reflections on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

Tarunjit Singh Butalia | Columbus, OH

Several weeks ago I was visiting my doctor. On entering the small waiting room, a three-year-old child playing in the corner looked up at me and exclaimed to his mother "Mom -- there is the bad guy."

Of Naysayers and Quibblers

IJ Singh | New York, NY

How many people were at Anandpur on Vaisakhi 1699? Hard to say! Do you really think the number was only in the hundreds?

August 15: India’s Shackles, Old and New

IJTS Singh | New York, NY

History tells us that on August 15, 1947, India became independent of the British after 200 years of colonization. We think the only glue that unites India today - the patina that gives India its unified entity - is Bollywood - the mind-numbing film industry that corresponds in function and impact to the role of opium in pre-modern China. How then should we Sikhs mark the occasion of another independence day in India?

Yogi Bhajan's Dharma and the First Trial

Connie Elsberg | Alexandria, VA

In the following interview, Connie Elsberg, anthropology and sociology professor at Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, Virginia, discusses Yogi Bhajan's dharma and the first trial between the religious leaders and the business leaders of his empire. Her publications include 'Graceful Women: Gender and Identity in an American Sikh Community' (2003) and several articles on Sikh Dharma.

Hell on Utoya

Prableen Kaur | Oslo, Norway

I woke up. I can not sleep more. I'm sitting in the living room. Feeling grief, anger, happiness, God, I do not know what. There are too many emotions. There are too many thoughts. I'm afraid. I react to the slightest sound. I will write about what happened on Utoya. What my eyes saw, what I felt, what I did. The words come straight from the liver, but I would also anonymize many names out of respect for my friends.

What is a Just War, and How to Fight One

IJ Singh | New York, NY

The Gurus were not pacifists, nor are the Sikhs, but Sikhi exemplifies certain conditions for rebellion and war. A moral revolution precedes resistance, rebellion and war. Non-violent methods of conflict resolution must be exhausted. You do not go looking for war. It must be thrust upon you.

Appeal to UN on Imminent Execution

Manohar Singh Grewal | Burlington, VT

We are writing to you on behalf of the World Sikh Council – America Region, which is concerned that there has been a grave injustice carried out on the judgment in reference to Prof. Davinderpal Singh Bhullar.

Fissures and Fractures

IJ Singh | New York, NY

I, like many Sikhs, also rue the news that we often make about the operations of gurduaras, particularly in North America. I won’t dwell on this but surely readers will acknowledge that many of the 200 North American gurduaras are significantly dysfunctional. The key issue appears to be purely a management dispute that often gets couched in the language of loyalty to doctrine, tradition and definition of a Sikh.

Jawala Singh, a Unique Ghadri Baba

Onkar Singh Bindra | Gold River, CA

Baba Jawala Singh, also known as Santa Singh, was a unique personality. Known as the Potato King, he founded scholarships at the University of Calfornia at Berkeley, he was granthi of the Stockton gurdwara, first vice president of the Hindustan Ghadar Party for independent India, and president of the Kisan Sabha of Punjab, a peasant union.

Honoring Guru Arjan: A Sikh Celebration of the Will of God

Ravinder Singh Taneja | Columbus, OH

Sikhs will venture out on this day in June, as they have done for hundreds of years, to set up roadside stalls in neighborhoods across India -- and now across the world as well.

Butterflies for Bhullar

Gurmeet Kaur | Atlanta, GA

As Sikhs all over the world were becoming solemn about the 27th anniversary of Operation Blue Star, they found themselves rudely awoken on the morning of May 26 about the pending execution of Devinderpal Singh Bhullar.

June 1984 Beckons... Yet Again?

IJ Singh | New York, NY

It’s that time of the year again that I wish I could forget. I wish someone would cancel the month of June – just erase it out of memory and existence. Someone would then also have to wipe out a decade or longer of modern India’s history.

Sikh Tiger Moms, a Dad's Perspective

Ravinder Singh Taneja | Columbus, OH

"Mom has the same solution for everything," my daughter - now 18 years old - complained to me once when she was in her early teens. Anticipating the answer, I had asked, "And, pray, what might that be?"

Camping, Like Saw Sakhis

IJ Singh | New York, NY

The world was supposed to end 23 hours ago but no one really knew exactly how. How did we get to exactly when? Because the prophecy was made by an 89-year-old Christian radio entrepreneur, Harold Camping, but how did he arrive at such a suspiciously precise day and time?

A Shameful Altercation in New York

IJ Singh | New York, NY

The World Sikh Council - America Region (WSC-AR), representing 47 member Gurdwaras and Sikh organizations, strongly denounces the violence that erupted at Makhan Shah Lubana Sikh Center in Queens, New York on April 24, 2011.

My Head Covering is Downright Sikh

IJ Singh | New York, NY

By day an Internet consultant, as most young Sikhs seem to be in this country, Vishavjit Singh is a talented cartoonist. But in indulging this passion he wisely runs away from the slapstick.

A Gandhian Apology for Ghosts of 1984?

Tarunjit Singh Butalia | Columbus, OH

A recently released WikiLeaks cable from August 2005 included an assessment by a senior diplomat at the American Embassy in New Delhi on the parliamentary apology tendered by the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for pogroms against the Sikh community by members of his own political party in the first two weeks of November 1984.

Now That Osama is Dead

IJ Singh | New York, NY

We would need to be vigilant and proactive in our communities and in liaising with local police and authorities. Any preventive measures we can initiate would be more useful than a bunch of protests and copious hand-wringing after the fact.

NITPICKING ON 1984: The Topsy-Turvy World of Lord Haw-Haw

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Lord Haw-Haw was the nickname given to several announcers on the English language propaganda radio programme, Germany Calling, broadcast by Nazi German radio to audiences in Great Britain on the medium wave station Reichssender Hamburg and by shortwave to the United States, during the entire duration of the Second World War. [Wikipedia]

Vaisakhi: Sikhs Celebrate Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Satpal Singh | Columbus, OH

As I write this, the airwaves are abuzz with the trembling and choking voice of a Libyan woman, who is putting her life at stake for the sake of freedom and dignity. Why would someone willingly risk her own life? Life is to be celebrated and cherished, not to be wagered lightly.