Anand Kaaraj and Homosexuality

Surinder Singh | Washington D.C.

Anand Kaaraj, as it literally means, is an event of bliss. What a beautiful name Guru Ramdas chose for the Sikh wedding ceremony.

Same Sex Unions

IJ Singh | New York, NY

In recent weeks, Sikh sites on the Internet have fostered an energetic discussion on same sex unions. I enter this debate with a great deal of trepidation. The conversation is necessary, hence this essay written a few years ago.

Help For Farmer-Suicide Widows

Mejindarpal Kaur | Peshawar, Pakistan

Sangrur, Punjab - This week 50 women, widowed when their farmer-husbands committed suicide, will receive monthly pensions for their families from UNITED SIKHS under its ‘Rescue A Family’ pension plan initiated last October, but thousands more are in need of your support.

Mubarak! Mubarak! Victory of The Young & The Wired

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Mubarak: congratulations, felicitations, blessings, good wishes
[Punjabi Dictionary]

A New Era Has Just Begun

Surinder Singh | Washington D.C.

All the people around the world witnessed that when people, “collectively”, take the power in their hands the nations can change overnight. As the world watched Egypt’s turning fate, a light of hope started burning in every heart. A hope that one day, maybe one day we can be free too, has made a home in these hearts.

Support Jaspal Singh's Children

Mejindarpal Kaur | Peshawar, Pakistan

Peshawar, Pakistan – It’s been almost a year since Jaspal Singh’s family lost their 29- year-old breadwinner when he was brutally beheaded by the Taliban at the border of the Khyber and Orakzai Agencies in Pakistan.

Aboard the Africa Mercy

Kanwal Prakash Singh | Indianapolis, IN

Last summer, I had the special experience of visiting Togo, West Africa, and the majestic Africa Mercy, the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship. I witnessed the important work of providing hope and healing to those with dramatic health care needs in that country.

Santa Singh

Surinder Singh | Washington D.C.

I didn’t have to deal with this problem three years ago when our elder daughter was hardly three years old and younger daughter still in our lap. But last year the elder one started building her own world with her new school friends and couple of girls in the neighborhood.

Unholy Bargain

IJ Singh | New York, NY

What makes a good bargain and what doesn’t? I start with two of the finest minds among the Sikhs that I have met. First I will tell you that they are superbly well-honed intellects. Then I want you to know that they are Sikhs who seem to want to practice Sikhi, and are satisfied that they do so. The question is: How well do these two virtues intermesh in real life?

Sikhtoons: Conveying Powerful Messages About Sikh Experiences

Indira Prahst | Vancouver, Canada

“I really liked the cartoon display and would not have learned what I had about Sikhs and 1984 if it was not displayed through cartoons in this way.” That was the reactions of some Sikh youth after taking in the Sikhtoons exhibition by cartoonist Vishavjit Singh from New York last week at Gurdwara Sahib Baba Banda Singh Bahadur in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

A Few Words About Harmandar Sahib

Kanwal Prakash Singh | Indianapolis, IN

For the Sikhs, this gurdwara is their heart and soul; a place that has witnessed the history of their faith, sacrifices of countless followers to defend its sanctity and reinforce their faith and commitment to the sacred commandments of equality, justice, dignity of all God's children; to uphold the sanctity of all faith traditions as humanity's collective spiritual treasure, and in service of all people.

Like Sikhs, Obama also Mistaken for a Muslim

Rajdeep Singh | Washington D.C.

The failure of President Obama to visit Darbar Sahib (commonly known as the Golden Temple) during his recent tour of India disappointed Sikhs throughout the world.

A Call to Rememberance

Sandeep Singh Brar | Toronto, Canada

We are gathered here today not to glorify war over peace; or to assert a soldier's character above a civilian's; or one race or one nation or one religion above another; or the role of the soldier in one war over any other war or military duty.

Lighting divas is not Sikhi

Karminder Singh Dhillon | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It is unlikely that Guru Hargobind would have allowed his Sikhs to indulge in a ritual that was not only of no significance in Sikhi, but against Gurmat. The similarity between the story of Guru Hargobind returning to Amritsar and that of the Hindu king, Ram Chander, returning to Ayothya to celebrate Diwali is striking enough for the Bundhee Chhor celebration to come across as unimaginative, whole-scale plagiarism and dull fabrication.

Cheevan Dhariya: Beyond Bolllywood

IJ Singh | New York, NY

I had always thought of Punjabi cinema as the stepchild of Bollywood – illegitimate, unacknowledged and existing on the morsels cast from its super-rich table. Until recently that is.

Dastaar Bandi - The Way and the Wayfore

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Just days ago, a Sikh of my acquaintance went through the rite of Dastaar Bandhi wherein a young lad dons a dastaar (Sikh turban) for the first time. We know, as do many of our neighbors, that a dastaar commonly defines a Sikh male.

Who's Sorry Now?

IJ Singh | New York, NY

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India has been making the news again and not always for the good that he might attempt.