Instead of Hatred, I Saw Love

Scott Walker | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The following is an excerpt from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's address to the sangat of the Oak Creek Gurdwara on the first anniversary of the hate-crime shooting. See video.

This very easily could have been a day that was reflected on purely in terms of horror. And there is no doubt what happened here was horrific. But what I saw in the days after was much like I saw with my children many years before.

But most importantly, on that night, when we went that night, joined with many of you here, to the Sikh temple in Brookfield. And after the program was done, we went outside and we lit candles. It reminded of what happened on that Friday of September 2001, where instead of seeing hatred, I saw love.

Martin Luther King said: "Darkness cant drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hatred cant drive out hatred hatred, only love can do that." What you showed last year, certainly the members of this temple and others in the Sikh community across this state, around the country, around the world, those in Oak Creek who joined with their neighbors.. you ultimately showed us that those words are still alive today.

For anyone out there observing, it would have been easy to think that the national response would be to respond in kind, with hatred. But instead, you showed the power of love. The brightest moment out of all this that, yet again, you showed this community, this state, this country, and the world that love can triumph.

From Sikh News Network archives.

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